What is Design-Build

Design-build is an integrated approach that delivers design and construction services under one contract with a single point of responsibility. Across the country and around the world, the design-build method successfully delivers office buildings, schools, stadiums, transportation and water infrastructure projects with superior results.

The Design-Build Advantage

Design-build provides benefits for both owners and practitioners. Owners experience faster delivery, cost savings and better quality than other contracting methods. Dealing with a single entity decreases owners’ administrative burden and allows them to focus on the project, rather than managing separate contracts. The approach also reduces their risk and results in fewer litigation claims for all parties involved. Practitioners reap the benefits of a higher profit margin, since an integrated team is fully and equally committed to controlling costs. Like owners, the design-builder benefits from a decreased administrative burden because the communication between designers and builders is streamlined.

Key Advantages:

30% Faster speed to market
6% Lower overall project cost
40% Non-residential construction market share