Tensile Membrane Structures

Architects are finding more and more instances where tensile membrane structures are the perfect solution for their project needs. Whether the tensile structure is the primary structure itself, or an ideal piece to finish off a building, our tensile structures satisfy several different needs. Here are several of the basic functions that our tension fabric structures serve.

Structure Types

commercial awning tensile membrane structure


fabritec structures building envelopes

Building Envelopes

canopy tensile membrane structure fabric architecture

Canopy Structures

covered entryway structure fabric architecture

Covered Entryways

covered walkways fabric structures

Covered Walkways

fabritec tensile membrane grandstand structures

Grandstand Structures

pavilions tensile fabric structure design construction


Structure Uses

airport tensile membrane structure fabric architecture


amphitheaters bandshells stage design construction tensile membrane structure


fabritec structures bus station depot

Bus Stations

fabritec structures light rail train stations

Light Rail

stadiums arenas building envelope roofs design construction