CSI Division 13 Section 133100 PTFE Specifications

FabriTec Structures, in association with its partners, PFEIFER Group, and PFEIFER | Covertex, has been designing and building award-winning tensile membrane systems for more than 35 years. Tensile membranes make excellent roofs, facades, and as interior structures as well as part of a temporary exhibition. There are several types of construction of tensile membrane systems: moveable, retractable systems; permanent; temporary; pneumatically pre-stressed, multi-layer ETFE structures; pneumatically pre-stressed, multi-layer fabric structures (usually PTFE or PVC); pneumatically pre-stressed shading systems (with a moveable middle layer); mechanically pre-stressed single-layer ETFE structures; and mechanically pre-stressed single layer fabric structures.

Single Layer Membranes vs. Multi-layer Membranes

Single layer membrane constructions are suited for buildings without high structural physical demands. For these mechanically pre-stressed systems clear or translucent membrane materials are used.

If heat-insulation demands are made on the construction are made, multi-layer systems have to be used. A transparent solution with pneumatically pre-stressed systems are cushions made out of ETFE-foil.

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