Location: Neydens, France
Fabric Type: ETFE
Project Size: 35,000
Architect: L35 Architectural Firm
Owner:  Migros France SAS
Completion Date: 2009

Vitam Centre de Loisirs or Vitam’Parc is a leisure, well-being and sports center complex located in the countryside of Neydens, France. The biggest challenge of this project was accommodating the new development to the area’s natural, rural setting; meaning it had to be done with the greatest respect for the environment.

To make it as environmentally friendly as possible, transparent ETFE membranes were the material of choice for the roof of the dome. The high transparency of the material allows for a significant amount of natural light and for visitors to see and feel as if they were outside. The dome portion of the facility houses a two-story climbing wall along with other “traditionally” outdoor activities like swimming pools and water games. The VITAM’Parc project is France’s first major application of the revolutionary ETFE technology.