Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Fabric Type: PTFE
Project Size: 25,000 sqft
Architect: Central de Arquitectura
Owner: Urban Center La Rioja
Engineer: FabriTec Structures
General Contractor: Central de Arquitectura
Completion Date: 2016

Located in the south of the city, which has recently become an important residential and commercial center, Urban Center Guadalajara has been conceived to become a landmark of the area.
In collaboration with prestigious Architect/Developer Central de Arquitectura, FabriTec designed an extraordinary structure that rises 46 feet above the ground level. The suspended roof is supported by six 80-meter-high masts. From the top of the masts, a series of steel cables, totaling 1,768 feet in length, provide stability to the fabric roof and connects it with the building. The use of cables allowed our engineers to reduce the size of the steel members that support the structure; the result is a structure that spans 138 liner feet and is supported by nothing more than thin rolled steel beams. The structure is located in the main atrium of the shopping center.
The Teflon coated fabric roof (PTFE) is lightweight and translucent, letting natural light in but blocking the heat of the warm Guadalajara weather. In addition, it protects the main atrium from rain, as Guadalajara has a three month long rain season in the summer.

2016 Award of Excellence
Tensile Structures, 600 – 2300 square meters (6,458 – 24,756 square feet)
IFAI International Achievement Awards

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