Location: Las Vegas, NV
Fabric Type: PVC/HDPE
Market Sector: Retail and Commercial
Project Size: 4,835/11,520 sqft
Architect: Hennon Group Architects
Owner: Simon Chelsea Property Group
Engineer: Whiting Turner and FabriTec Structures
General Contractor: Whiting Turner
Completion Date: 2015

FabriTec designed, engineered, fabricated and installed two (2) double mast tensile membranes PVC canopies and ten (10) HDPE structures supported by steel and cables at the Las Vegas North Premium Outlets, a development owned by Simon. The structures have a total PVC fabric surface area of approximately 4,835 square feet and a total HDPE mesh fabric surface area of approximately 11,520 square feet.

10 in all HDPE structures, ranging in size from 17’ x 12’ to 17’ x 180’ and comprised of just over 60 individual fabric sails, are erected at the South East corner building, North East Corner building, East and West Side buildings, and South West Corner building.

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