Location: Laguna Beach, CA
Fabric Type: PTFE
Architect:  Bauer Architects
Owner: Festival of Arts
Engineer: Fuscoe Engineering
General Contractor: Turner Construction
Completion Date: 2017

This year, the Festival of Arts debuted the brand new $10.5 million renovation of its exhibit grounds as they celebrated their 85th anniversary. These new additions included various permanent tensile membrane structures designed and installed by FabriTec Structures.

FabriTec partnered with Bauer Architects and the board members of the Festival of Arts to bring their vision for the reimagined exhibition grounds to life.

The renovation of the Festival of Arts exhibit grounds has been an on-going project with Bauer Architects completing the Festival’s new façade in 2014. There were challenges. The Laguna Beach City Council approved the project in July of 2015, but construction was delayed by a year in anticipation of El Niño conditions. However, the rain seemed to wait until the project actually began and then hit with a vengeance. That required creative adjustments to the project’s work schedule for Turner Construction Company.

Some of the other updates that can be found are newly added art exhibition terraces, a public park, and performance “green” area, additional public restrooms, a gift shop, and a junior art exhibition area.

Photos courtesy of Tom Lamb

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Senior Staff of the Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach, I want to express our appreciation to you and the entire FabriTec team for a job well done. FabriTec’s contribution to the design and realization of a totally new and reimagined art exhibit area and entertainment space was essential. The Festival now enjoys a beautiful and functional set of roof and shade structures that will last for decades.

We most appreciated FabriTec’s “can do” attitude and dedication to the project. There were several challenges all of the players who worked on this project faced which included:

  • A tight demolition and construction time frame: The entire project had to be completed within an eight and one-half month window.
  • A constrained construction site: The site size required several subs to simultaneously work in the same areas and show creativity in the selection of “lay-down” areas.
  • An abnormally wet/rainy winter which delayed work: The winter of 2016-17 was one of the wettest in years and set the project back four to five weeks.

These constraints required each and every one of the several subcontractors to perform according to a well-orchestrated plan which FabriTec certainly did. Additionally, we appreciated how accessible FabriTec senior management was throughout the project to resolve those issues that invariably occur.

We are pleased that FabriTec played its part in this elaborate dance which allowed the Festival to open on schedule for its 2017 summer season and permit the 140 artists and several hundred thousand patrons to enjoy the redesigned venue.

Fredric L. Sattler

Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach

2018 Outstanding Historical Project of the Year
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

2016 Design Awards
Citation Award – Commercial – Festival of Arts Grounds
AIA Orange County Design Awards



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