Cristina has the degree in Architecture from the TEC de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara, Mexico. She started to work with fabric structures since 2007, working with prestigious companies such Birdair, USA Shade and currently with FabriTec Structures.

Cristina develops design concepts and preliminary engineering for Latin American projects, and she is based in our sales and engineering office in Guadalajara.

One challenging projects that Cristina has worked on is Metrorrey Line 3 Stations in Monterrey. The project is a series large scale structures that cover several light-rail stations and required a great deal of technical expertise to solve.

In her free time she enjoys taking pictures, rock climbing and yoga.

Professional Projects:

Via Acoxpa Shopping Center – Mexico City, México
Centro Ambar – Tijuana, Mexico
Metrorrey Line 3 – Monterrey, Mexico

La Rioja Urban Center – Guadalajara, Mexico
Juriquilla Urban Center – Juriquilla, Mexico