Location: St. Louis, MO
Fabric Type: PTFE Sheerfill II HT architectural membrane
Project Size: 2,445 sqft
Architect: SWT Design
Owner: Cortex West Management Corp
Engineer: FabriTec Structures, LLC
Design/Builder: FabriTec Structures, LLC
Completion Date: April 2015

Part of a larger mixed use development project, CORTEX Commons is situated on the site of an 8.4 acre tech hub known as the CORTEX Innovation Community, offering custom lab and office space, proximity to world-class research institutions, a highly-trained tech workforce, and access to venture capital. The centrally located green space and Pavilion accommodates large events, all with a high-tech, science-oriented design aesthetic. The unique open-air canopy serves the Cortex community as a unifying symbol of its inventiveness and creativity.

Over the past year, SWT Design has had the great pleasure of working with FabriTec Structures to design and construct a tensile shade structure as part of the Cortex Innovation Community Commons. The Process of working with FabriTec was incredible from beginning to end. The seamless bouncing of ideas between our teams eased the development of a final concept that both met the engineering challenges and the needs of the client while fitting within the budget. FabriTec took the lead on the engineering, fabrication, and erection of the structure. When the structure arrived on site, FabriTec’s workmanship and care were evident.

Paul Toenjes
Landscape Designer

SWT Design

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