Location: Shanghai, China
Fabric Type: ETFE
Project Size:443 m² Single layer ETFE + 245 m² PVDF
Lead Designer: MUDI
Owner: German Foreign Ministry
Engineer: Schlaich Bergermann & Partners
Completion Date: 2010

Designed by Markus Heinsdorff in collaboration with MUDI, the art pavilion is the crowning achievement in the two countries’ event series, “Germany and China – Moving Ahead Together.”

Lightweight EFTE film covers the inside of the pavilion, which lets in a small amount of light during the day and looks like a glowing lantern at night. Inside, the large hall includes exhibition, game and conference areas and the furnishings are made of laminated bamboo. The pavilion is also completely mobile and can easily be taken down and relocated at the end of the Expo. All the materials are either reusable or completely recyclable.

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