Giraffes At The Buffalo Zoo Have It ‘Made In The Shade’

By October 21, 2016September 11th, 2017Project Development

Buffalo Zoo Tensile Membrane StructureFabriTec Structures announces the completion of a tensile membrane shade structure for the giraffes at the Buffalo Zoo. There were quite a few challenges on the project due to various things like design changes, including a winching system for feed bags, small panel and a tight schedule.

FabriTec thanks all of those involved for their efforts in making everything happen in the short timeframe they did – 5 weeks start to finish for a custom structure with a specialized winching system.

The bucket is connected to a geared winch through the conduit to raise it up and down. FabriTec came up with the design on that with Hanes Supply.

Download the press release for more information.