About FabriTec Structures

FabriTec Structures’ story began in 1993 when it was founded under its original name, “Shade Concepts”. This was later changed to “FabriTec Structures, LLC” to better represent the technical complexities of our tensile membrane structures. This is because our structures aren’t just about shade, they are where artistic vision and sustainable design come together.

As we developed the core of our business, our major objective was to surround ourselves with quality, experienced people in tension fabric architecture and specialty structure design.

Early in 2016, FabriTec merged with PFEIFER Systems; thus creating the world’s largest and most experienced lightweight structures specialty contractor. With over 1,400 employees and offices located in 20 countries around the globe, we offer vertically integrated project delivery solutions which uniquely qualifies us to successfully deliver your project.

Our primary focus is providing superior service to our clients and creating differentiation in the tensile membrane industry through our Design Development Department. Our dedication and commitment to a design-build delivery provide our clients with a sole resource for the entire process. This is due to our unique infrastructure that vertically integrates our resources from Design & Engineering to Project Management, Manufacturing and Construction.

As a specialty construction company, it is critical to utilize the experience and dedication necessary to successfully manage and build the type of groundbreaking structures that have earned us numerous industry awards. We believe that it is of the utmost importance to remember that “people build companies” and “people build structures and projects.” Over the years, we have assembled a group of exceptionally talented people who represent our unique capabilities in this technically advanced and detail orientated market segment.

fabritec structures company group employee photo

FabriTec Structures is an award-winning lightweight structures contractor specializing in the design and construction of complex cable and custom tensile membrane structures, and building envelopes.

FabriTec’s unique tensile membrane fabric structures are the showcase projects that demonstrate what we can achieve utilizing fabric in architecture. Expanding the boundaries of function and form, FabriTec’s designs enhance the landscape through inspiration and technical superiority. Our mast-supported, arch and frame supported, and point-supported fabric structures can create an attractive focal point for any venue ranging from the simply profound to the spectacular. As fabric architecture increasingly becomes a cost-effective and aesthetically appealing option for architects, engineers, and designers, FabriTec will continue to provide the imagination and innovation to turn tension fabric structure design concepts into a striking reality.

We have assembled a group of exceptionally talented people who represent our unique capabilities in this technically advanced and detail orientated market segment.

A key factor in our success as a specialty construction company has been the ability to utilize the expertise of experienced and dedicated professionals to manage and build the groundbreaking structures that have earned us the leadership of our industry.